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What is DNS

DNS stands for Domain Name System.

It is used over the internet to translate IP addresses (example into easy to recognise domain names and is used by users and computers to direct web traffic to the correct location. For example, the domain name www.domainname.com translates to an IP Address

Imagine trying to remember an IP Address to get to a website. Our brains do not work that way, that’s why it was important to assign names to these IP addresses. DNS makes it easy for you to search your favourite websites because, instead of trying to remember an IP number, you now have to just remember the domain name.

Here is some information to help you understand DNS zones

  • Your nameservers‘ job is to find the server and correct the DNS zone in order to get the following information.
  • The A record points to your domain name or subdomain to an IP address.
  • The CNAME record points your domain name or subdomain to another domain name (example: www.domain.com CNAME domain.com)
  • The MX records control where your emails are received.
  • The NS records must match the nameservers assigned to the domain name.

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