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About Us
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About Us

We aren't young suits with multi IT degrees and a point to prove or a million to make before we turn 30

We're past that.... Mature age men who have been involved in the IT scene since it's conception in the modern world. One of us once ran a small business with a computer that ran on floppy discs and eventually managed to save up and buy a 10mg hard drive.

We have a business background. We uderstand your problems and offer uncomplicated solutions that experience has taught us work.

We don't get carried away with the whole concept of the web. It is a tool to selling; it is another shopfront; it offers wider market cover; it is a mass communication tool and great for selling an idea or a product. It gives clubs and individuals a chance to struttheir stuff to the world.

But it doesn't replace hard work and business know-how.

We are also involved in charity, Regimental Associations, blogging and our websites reflect our other interests.

Beacause of these interests we have a lot of experience with Word Press, have an understanding of associations and clubs and what we have used over the years has been a proven formula.

Because of the first paragraph we can be economic in a fees and charges. You are not paying for over-the-top salaries, supperannuation pakages, flash cars, flasher secretaries or Company Christmas parties. We just look to make costs and have some left over to buy electronic toys

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