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Design is for the two of us

We can't do all of the work as much as we would like to

You need to tell us who your Target is and what key words you use to describe your product, or, more precisely, what words clients would enter into a search engine to find your product.

The size of your website is obviously your call as well but you need to consider the following points...

  • Just how big should a web site be?
    If your a hobbyist or social commentator you may only need one page...maybe a blog, (see Blog Hosting) Small businesses should also consider a blog on one of their pages.  It sets up a two-way communication with clients and that can only help turnover.
  • Most small businesses would have a need for up to five pages.  A home page to introduce your company, a page or more for products; a contact page; maybe a link page to sites that use your product or back up your claims and maybe a page where people can download a .pdf format catalogue.
  • You might also look at setting up a shopping cart pages and databases.

Whatever you decide,and we can advise on page numbers and types, you will also need to supply us with company logos and photos.  If these are already digitized you can email them to us -  if not we can digitize your artwork for you.

Once you have got this far we can set up a test site for you to look at and offer comments.  We know we don't think exactly like you so you get the call on text, pics and layout.  We make initial suggestions based on our understanding of your needs and then you fine tune the result.  Once you are happy we upload your new website to a test site on our servers - it is not in public view yet but you can accessand comment or have us edit text or layout.

Once you are happy with the final result we can upload to your ISP or we can host it for you.  You will find our hosting costs are cheaper than most.

 Costs and requirements.We have kept our costs to a minimum....check here for details and compare.

Extra Services

  • Site Transfer - We can move your site to our servers. Starting at 25mb or less (including database) for $50.
  • WordPress/Joomla maintenance- Updating, backups and recommending plugins that we use ourselves to make your life easier. Starting at $25 per hour.
  • Website Design- From ground up static sites to personalizing WordPress/Joomla templates. Starting at $50 per page.

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